World leaders deny wrongdoing after leaks

World leaders deny wrongdoing after leaks
World leaders deny wrongdoing after leaks

World leaders deny wrongdoing after leaks

After being featured in a large leak of financial documents from foreign companies, many global leaders have refused to mislead.

Pandora’s papers sinked, the biggest in the history of 12 million files is such a leak.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Jordan’s Shah Abdullah II Bin Al Hassin, some 35 are linked to one of the current and former leaders.

Both have issued statements that they have not done anything wrong.

Jordan’s royal palace said it was “unusual and unusual” that King Abdullah owned property ownership overseas.

Leak documents show that the leader secretly spent more than $ 70 million ($ 100 million) on a property empire in the UK and since taking power in 1999.
The Krathler’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov asked the reliability of “unexpected” information, after that after the hidden wealth, after the hidden wealth, President Putin and his internal circle members are connected.

He said that now it is not clear that what is this information and what about it, “he added,” We did not see any hidden property of Putin’s inner circle. ” ”

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How the world is reporting leaks on powerful leaders
This figure was obtained by International Consortium (ICII) of the investigative journalists in Washington DC, which is working with more than 140 media organizations on its largest global investigation.

BBC Panorama and Guardian have investigated in the UK.
Other leaders associated with the leak include:

Czech Prime Minister Andrew Babas, who were allegedly failed to announce a foreign investment company, who used to buy two villa for £ 12m in the south of France.
Cancun President Uhuru Kenyatta, which – with six members of his family – 13 foreign companies have been linked to
Chile’s President Sebastin Panra, an arbitrary businessman, which is charged with a childhood friend to sell copper and iron ears in an environmental sensitive area, detailed in Spain’s LPS newspaper
And Azerbaijan’s President Aliyev, whose family and close colleagues have allegedly engage in the UK more than 400 million pounds in the UK.
In the topic of a Tweet, the Czech Prime said that the charges are trying to influence the elections for this week and insist that “nothing was wrong or illegal”.

Mr. Kenya said that investigations will “walk a long way to improve financial transparency and forces, which require us around Kenya and around the world, and it was promised that they once again returned from the state tour Came out.

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