What is Python?

what is python?
what is python?


Python is an interpreted, objectoriented, and dynamic highlevel programming language.Combined with extended data structures, dynamic typing and dynamic binding, it is very attractive for rapid application development and the use of existing components such as scripting languages ​​or queues. Python’s simple, easy-to-examine grammar emphasizes the cappotential to examine and consequently reduces the fee of application maintenance.Python supports modules and packages that promote program modularity and code reuse. Python translator and extensive standard library is available free of charge for all major platforms in source or binary form, and can be distributed freely.

Programmers often fall in love with Python because of its performance improvements. Since there’s no compilation step, the edit-test-debug cycle is enormously fast. Debugging Python applications is easy: a malicious program or awful enter will by no means motive a distribution error. Instead, when the translator detects an error, it raises an exception. When the program does not catch the exception, the translator prints the stack trace. A source level debugger allows you to inspect local and global variables, evaluate arbitrary impressions, set break points, and step on one line at a time through code. Debugger is written in Python itself, which testifies to the psychic power of Python.

On the opposite hand, regularly the quickest manner to debug a application is to feature a few print statements to the source: the short edit-test-debug cycle makes this easy technique very effective.

Python Comparison:

Python is regularly in comparison to different interpreted languages which includes Java, JavaScript, Perl, TCL, or Small Talk. In this phase I will in brief examine Python. In this phase I will in short evaluate Python to every of those languages. These comparisons only focus on language issues.In practice, the choice of programming language is usually based on other realworld obstacles, such as price, availability, training and previous investment, and even emotional attachment. Because these aspects are so variable, it is a waste of time to consider them more for comparison.

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