Justice Department Asks Supreme Court to Block Texas Abortion Law

The Department of Justice has asked the US Supreme Court to temporarily suspend a law banning abortion in Texas.

Supreme Court Justice Samuel A. Elliott Jr. has asked Texas authorities to file a response to the Justice Department by Thursday afternoon, meaning the High Court can act faster than usual. New York Times Reported

The Justice Department also asked the Supreme Court to expedite the process and resolve the constitutional status of Texas law this calendar year. Times Said. If that happens, an appeals court hearing scheduled for December will be ignored.

Texas law went into effect Sept. 1 and prohibits abortion after a fetal heartbeat is detected, usually approximately 6 weeks.

Department of Justice In short He said the law “practically eliminates access to abortion after six weeks of pregnancy in Texas. In short, Texas has successfully overturned the court’s decisions within its jurisdiction.”

The Supreme Court legalized abortion in 1972 with the Row v. Wade ruling. Since then, the Justice Department has briefed, the court has ruled several times that “a state cannot prevent a woman from making a final decision to terminate her pregnancy before it becomes viable.” Accepted as 22-24 weeks.

The briefing states that Texas law “prohibits these precedents by prohibiting abortion long before it becomes effective – in fact, before many women realize they are pregnant.”

The law also has an unusual feature that allows a Texas citizen to file a civil lawsuit against anyone who assists a pregnant woman seeking an abortion, if only by giving her a ride to the clinic.

A few days after the law came into force President Joe Biden He said he would launch a large-scale federal effort to repeal the “strange” law.

The U.S. Supreme Court, by a 5-4 vote, on September 1 refused to process emergency appeals to overturn the law. A federal judge in Texas Ordered October 6. That the implementation of the new law can be stopped as long as it works through the courts. But the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled on October 14 that the law could remain in force during litigation.

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