illusion game cards

illusion is a lightweight game for 2-5 players of Gang Wars who is a brain designer! This is a very simple game. Players will need to sort the cards so that the color on the card is visible. turn. Each card is a visual trick designed to tamper with your senses.

In turn you can add cards to the queue if you think you have done it right, or if you think a friend has made a mistake, you can call them and challenge their solution. can!

illusion D Optic Optical Wham is the most jaw-dropping collection of playing cards. Located in the wild, Rainbow Shen holographic tick case, you feel like you’re cheating before you open the box.

Inside, you’ll find 54 eye-opening original designs by Gianni Sarcon, a master of visual perception. As the colors change, the shapes change and become static, the hidden ink appears to come alive. Sarcon has added the latest versions of the classic illusion, as well as innovative new concepts that it has developed after years of study.

The phantasm illusion d’Optique isn’t always simplest a stunning deck, however it additionally serves as an exciting proof

The United States Playing Card Company favored our trademark thin stock by magicians and cardists.

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