flood that drowned American dreams

flood that drowned American dreams
flood that drowned American dreams

Many people who come to America, Lang Hongsheng was looking for independence.

They reached the 1990s, World War, a cultural revolution and lived in the emerging innovation of a nation.

He thought that China became an engineer. In New York, they collect trash to a living, fields are looking to recycle pedaling plastic bottles and electronics around the chattown in the fields.

Still, he found happiness, brought his family to America and got a green card, ready to make better life.

The hope of this hope was over the last month when Mr. Lane, 82, with his wife and daughter, sank into turbide water, which has its small dungeon flat flood – one of the 14 victims of Storm ID in New York City.

After attacking the destructive storm, the family was celebrated on October 3.


In New York’s most killed, Asian and Hispanic immigrants living in illegal dungeon houses, including two-year-old boy and 86-year-old woman.


The tragedy has saved the strategies bare wherein to damage the infrastructure to damage the infrastructure, damage the low-profits network and boom social non-equality, ensuing withinside the experts “Climate Apart” Called

Without a fair approach to interference, the problem will only be worse.


Storm IDA, a powerful category 4 storm, the destruction of the land with the speed of 150mph (240 km / h) in Louisiana. As it moved north, he killed several people and left a way of destruction with ten million houses. When it hit it in the north 1 September, it will become the biggest storm of this area after the Sandy Sandy in 2012.


Delegar started around sunset and lasted last midnight. The new rain record was set only day before a tropical storm, just when they just got broken to them when IDA arrived. The rain excursion for the complete month of September reached inside some hours, selling one of the worst city flood screw ups in American history.


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It was about 11 o’clock when Wu Ming had passed through the sound of water. They opened their eyes, just to realize that the flood water was throwing in its flat flat, as a Lang family house on the same block.


They saw the windows and threw the cars in the streets. Mr. Wu told the BBC in Mandin, “I did not see anything like this in New York’s life in New York.” (Wu Ming is not his original name, because he has not identified it.)


Less than two minutes, the water rose in its chest with its knees. They tried to escape from their front door, but in its shock, it will not move an inch – they can not reward it against the powerful quarrel of water. She ran back through the door and spent a slow night on the outside staircase.


In his 50s, a builder Mr. Wu advised the BBC that “I thought ‘simply to endure tonight, all of us could be fine.”

Had the glitters of hope. A resident Som and a cat and a dog saved from a flood apartment through Flood Flood. Residents on high floor provided others to refugees.


He crossed Mr. Wu’s mind with some point that he did not see the Lang family.


Mr. Wu said, “I want to help them,” but the floods were very great. I could not even see the door to their dungeon. ”


The flooding is facing environmental problem that during the environmental crisis, the largest part of the global population will affect.


According to the World Bank, today, 1.5 billion people – about one of the five people around the world – to face the risk of at least moderate floods. About 90 percent of the world’s flood exposed people live in low and middle-income countries, but rich countries are not immune, and approximately 160 million that are in the developed world are also dangerous for flood.


In the coming decade, in other parts of Europe, North America and North Twilight, new exposed areas suffered flood – and in these places, the poorest worst will be worse.


In the US, there are approximately 41 million people from the risk of flood, focus in metropolitan areas where population density is high, and the construction of new hunting on earth for floods is common.


Dr. Shenan Van Zandit, professor of urban plan at Texas A & M University, said that floodplay is often occupied by low income and ethnic minorities community, because they are more likely to stay in low quality housing, where rentals Are cheap.


Immigrants, whether documentary or undocumented, “are” is often more dangerous than our ethnic and ethnic minorities, because they want to ask for help.


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A nonded external steerelel leng home, led a nondescript red brake home on a quiet street in flushing, with multiple families with sharing three floors of some rooms. Their neighborhood was at least three blocks of such donkeys.


No sunlight did not reach behind such dungeons such as people lived Liengs – even in the day, when the BBC runs a few doors through the flat, the place was unusual in the dark. Some sunrise come in front of the same scalite flat, but there is no other way other than the staircase door.


The storm, dirt, above furniture and trash after the flood flat is filled. Severe authentic glands tossed the wind and planted around the neighborhood.


In large American cities, as many civilian centers, a housing crisis has captured low-income tenants flat in flat in flat and other IDA victims.


Dr. Jackson, director of the sustainable urban development theme in Columbia University says, “New York is not just enough for everyone who is living here, which is often very weak.”


There are many people who rely on an informal network within their community, often without unlawful conversion without proper permissions.


According to the city’s estimate, there are approximately 50,000 illegal dungeons in New York City.


Despite the risks, tenants and domestic owners often report any problem with the fear of unemployment or penalty.


Two other domestic, Chinese immigrants, jointly with Linux with 93 square meters (1000 square feet) – but they were out of the flood, went back to a home for a home tour and the second, a single man, Out for work as a delivery man.


According to the neighbors, Legs were domestic, as survive on the help of the government, Mr. Lang faced many strokes in recent years, while his daughter needs to take care of himself and home.


Just a week before the storm, Mr. Wu asked Mr. Lang’s wife Shen to live in such a bad situation. He applied for the family for federal housing, he told him, but it was not yet passed.


Mr. Wu said, “He did now no longer realise his American dream,” Mr. Wu said,

City officials said five of six features where New York lost their lives during the flood.

The lack of quality housing is a clear reason that poor people are more dangerous during the extreme season, but there are also lesser factors. For example, low-income community, there are very little trees and green spaces.


During the heat waves, solid surfaces become a network in hot temperatures and floods, they prevent water from draining.


Most of the New York IDAs were largely residents of residents near large levels, such as highways and car parks. Many people were killed in highways on highways throughout the northwest.


“We saw highways that was completely flooded because it is where the water will be run. If water is not absorbed, highways become rivers.”


Seven miles from the house of Legs, Lama’s family from Nepal Maspeth, lived in the dungeon of a brick home next to two main highways in Queens.


NGG Lama, 50, 14 years ago came from Nepal to America. He and his wife Mingma Yangji Sherpa were two-year-old son loops, who liked to play with red, chubby cheeks and monkey toys. A family friend told Washington Post that the family lived in a crushing dungeon for cheap rent.


The last phone was on a neighbor to call Mrs. Sherpa, tell him that the flood water was roaming in his flat.


Now an unlimited monument is now standing in front of Lama’s house, a black and white family photo, looping monkey and two lollipops.


A recent day, Noko Sherpa, Mr. Lama’s aunt broke into tears because he prayed Buddhism for the lamels. Living in New Jersey, Ms. Sherpa learned about his death when he had cleared his flood.


“We are heart,” he said.


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In all, Storm Reva reached 1,500 miles of Continental America during three days, in at least seven states, to record the rainfall and the first flash flood of New York City across the country.


On the day after the storm, Mr. Wu returned to save his goods and restore the floods from his clay cover car, hopefully the engine can be resumed when dry. He could not tolerate it to lose it, was taken after almost everything by water. ” Even the trousers carrying pants also are borrowing.”


Dr. Van Zand said that this low income and marginal community can take a long time to recover from a disaster, because they are likely to rebuild or transfer the minimum resources.


How rich and the poor are already being seen to answer weather disasters.


2019 The United Nations report said when the Storm Sandy left the big Swats in New York City in 2012, less Manhattan was protected by a large wall of Gold Main Sinks headquarters sandbags in low Manhattan. .. Private firefighters have been employed to save management from fighters in California.


The report estimates that the climate change can push more than 120 million people in poverty by 2030, poverty reduction can end 50 years growth.


Effects will only threaten basic human rights, such as life, food, housing and water, but also the rule of law and democracy.


The class division has also entered public awareness in fiction. A Oscar winning South Korean film Pisite, a poor family living in Seoul has been forced to escape from the encouragement of his employer during a storm, just shows that their mental A lot of floods and their goods are ruined at home.


This new “climate app” has brought the world in the “historical utometum”, Dr. Clarp said, and the crisis demands a view that not only environmental, but also locally and globally and globally Solves social equality problems at the surface.


“We certainly have so that you can address weather and equality. They are incredible.”

Since its day, as a Dutch colonial checkpoint, is a clear role for openly flush. Its 17th century charter expressed freedom of religious worship, welcomed caravan refugees.


A rail, which promoted its popularity to the neighborhood in the rest of New York city in the 19th century and promoted the arts. Finally it became a hot for fun, an initial for Hollywood.


In recent decades, it has become an enzyme for immigrants. Within its 800 acres, there are community communities from Taiwan, South Korea, China and India.


Although his life was not easy in the city, Mr. Long accepted New York. Their former immigration lawyer Norman Wang told the BBC that “he loved artistic and political freedom.”


In 1939, it was born in Northeast China, he had a poetic name: Hongsheng, which means that wild laugh means climbing.


He was in his 50s to pursue life as a new York when he was in his 50s, after collecting a design for painting Chinese Views and World Trade Center Memorial competition. He actively activated in the United States, handling the interpretation of the Chinese Communist Party newspaper and joined the “China Democratic Party”.


Referring to fear of trouble in China, Mr. Lang applied for a political asylum in 2000 in 2000, and his case is still pointing to local immigration lawyers.


Linux’s death has been massively commented in China, many social media thinks why Petrich chose such a bad life for his family.


Asked a user: “He loved the US, but the US loved him back?”


In a wonderful way, the country failed it – but maybe in any other way, he loved. In the month after his death, the Chinese American community to fulfill their funeral costs and to send their homes back to their homes.


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