Flight carrying Afghan girl footballers lands in UK

Afghan girl footballers
Afghan girl footballers

A group of Afghan girl’s football has thrown into the UK, the Taliban eliminated an extraordinary rescue efforts after confiscating the power.

The expensive operation played a potential role from the spies, philosophers and a Hadith Rabbi from Muslim sports people.

Girls – between 13 and 19 reached the night.

Their flight was charted by a Jewish Assistance organization and was paid by the American star of Krakirishian West.

“This mission has been completed,” said former manager of the National Women’s Team of Afghanistan. ” “I am very happy and am very proud of these girls. They were from trauma. They are very much and are able to stay strong. Now they can start a new life and freedom of freedom.”

President and Jewish Assistance Group President and Jewish Assistance Group, expressed his assistance. “As the son and grandchildren as the grandfather of the Holocaust survivors, one time when good non-Jewish people stepped on plate to help save many Jews, I know that in my heart. We should be for others at the time of it. At the moment when their lives are in danger, “he said.

Afghan taliban

As long as the Taliban occupied their cities, most of the Afghan provinces feared their lives. Some of these families had acquired death threats.

Ms. Papal told the BBC that “people were looking for homes for them”.

Awesome, they made Kabul their way and at the end of August, the Gulf state was removed.

When they pulled their buses due to security alerts, they were almost in the eyes of the airport. After two hours, the airport was killed by a suicide bomb, more than 180 people were killed.

So they were hiding.

After 10 days, after severe lobby, he was given personal permission to Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan to cross the border.

But they were just temporary Pakistani visas.

With clock tapping, they started a frantic effort to start a new home.

The girls supported Leeds UN Football Club Chairman Andrea Radrizzani. He also had the UK’s government – by a series of former spokesman for British soldiers and influential ex-soldiers. Last month, they were given a visa.

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