Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram back after outage

Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram back after outage
Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram back after outage


Facebook says social media services are running after Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram backup and running that continued for almost six hours.


He accused an internal technical issue, not only affected Facebook services, but allegedly employees work and e-mail.


This service was about 16:00 GMT down to approximately 22:00 on Monday.


But the company said there is “no evidence that user data was understood”.


New York Times Technical Reporter Lion Frankl told today’s program today that because it was so long to prove because “people were trying to try this problem. They could not get into the building physically “what was wrong to work.


In a statement, Facebook said that the change in poor layout affected the company’s internal tools and systems in which efforts to solve this problem are complicated.


DOWNDETECTOR, which exits, reports of 10.6 million problem worldwide. However, the actual range of affected humans is simply too high: extra than 3.five billion humans use Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.


Many people bite themselves with family and friends, while talking to different services, while small businesses faced the possibilities of unexpected financial hits using social media to connect with users. ..


According to Fortune of Business Website, it also estimates $ 6 billion ($ 4.4 billion) cost of Facebook.


Mr. Zakarag has influenced those people apologize.

Analysis by james clayton

Many results are quickly resolved. They are often locally locally, some people are not able to open any web site that can be seen in another country.


However, it was the ground global, and all the spin off of Facebook were all infected.


The length of this time was far from the grid too unusual. There were reports of “destruction” in Facebook headquarters, because technicians developed to solve this problem.


Interestingly it is that the accident stopped Facebook capacity to deal with the accident – bring the necessary internal tools to solve the problem.


It should also be said that Facebook statement is carefully written. It does not reject the fake game.


Already started badly in the week – “Facebook Files” revealed itself on Sunday after Sysetta Blur.


But a awful week has turn out to be a horrible one for the social network.

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