Dubai ruler had ex-wife’s phone hacked – UK court

Dubai ruler had ex-wife's phone hacked - UK court
Dubai ruler had ex-wife’s phone hacked – UK court

Princess Haya: Dubai’s ruler’s wife’s wife Hack – Britain’s court was

The High Court has found that the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammad al-Baqar, his former wife, Princess Hia, interfered with the British justice by ordering the hacking of the Princess Life’s phone.


According to the court, the phones of his lawyers, Baronis Fiona Shiketon QC and Nick’s shells were also targeted during their divorce concentration case.

Princess Hia said that discovered he felt “hunting and annoying”.

Sheikh Mohammad has refused any knowledge of hacking.

The High Court’s decision is a blow to Sheikh and another revelation as the treatment of female members of Sheikh and his family.

‘Serial brush’

Decisions, which was published on Wednesday afternoon, “UK) domestic criminal law” Serial Branch “,” in violation of basic general law and ECRR rights “,” this court and mother’s actions Access to justice “and” use “by the head of the government with the head of the government.

The President of the High Court, found that “Mother (Prince Life)’s mobile phones, two of his two lawyers, two members of his personal assistant and his security staff tried either successful or infected . Surveillance software. Used software is called Pegasus software and was an Israeli company, NSO group. ”

The court concluded that monitoring “by employees or father agents (Shaykh Muhammad), Dubai or [United Arab Emirates] and [United Arab Emirates] and the express or reliable Occurred with authority “.

Hard to detect

The limit of hack is indeed in which this figure has access to hackers.

Nso Pegasus Software is often called as “spyware”, able to track the location of individual space using the phone, read their SMS messages, email and messages in other apps, And as well as access to EavesDrop and their contact list on their phone calls. , Passwords, calendar dates and images. In other words, it provides full access to all the data you want to see in their target phone.

This hacker also allows you to activate the target phone without their knowledge, record their activities and also taking photos and screen shots.

Similar spyware has been posted by the Saudi government agents, working on the orders of Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, against the contradictors who live abroad, including Saudi journalist Jamal’s companions.

It is very difficult to suffer such spyware that their phone has been affected by Pegasus.

The very important amount of data ‘

In the High Court’s family division, in the ongoing concentration case between Sheikh Muhammad and Princess Hia, his legal team said that hacking did with his “express or credible authority”.

The President of the court concluded that in relation to “mother (Princess Hayat), it is clear that [hacking] successfully achieved the data (265MB) from its phone secretly.

Sheikh Mohammad refused any knowledge of hacking and said he did not direct any NSO “or any software to use such software. His legal team said that he was united Emirates were not ready to enter any discussion regarding the security system.

Dubai Princesses ‘Phone Number’ on the list of Pegasus

Are we all becoming inevitable detective?

Pegasus Spyware Sellers: Our customers do not blame, we do not

The charges against the rulers of Dubai are testimony by the testimony of a specialist technology, Dr. William Martkak, who is based in California and is a senior research fellow at the University of Toronto, who investigates digital monitoring.

He told the court that there was no doubt that the phone was hacked using the Phones NSO’s Pegas Software. He also concluded “with high confidence” that the phone was hacked by the same operator in a state state. He concluded with medium confidence that it was most likely not to be any state other than the United Arab Emirates.

Alarm picked by Cherry Blair

The legal team of Princess Hayat has already been aware that he was hacked after a quick phone call made by Cherry Blair QC, former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair’s wife, for Barnes Shockton. Mrs. Blair worked as an NSO group consultant on business and human rights issues.

A senior member of the NSO management team told August 5 2020 to Israel to inform that “It has been focused that their software has its attention to Baronis and HRH Princess Life Mobile phone can be misused to monitor.

The NSO staff member told MSS Blair that these phones can not be accessed using NSO software and they asked him to contact Baronus Shockton.

NSO, which is already charged by human rights groups to enable independent states to monitor the intervention of journalists, public statements have insisted that it just its Enable spyware to compete criminal and terrorists.

It is believed that this agreement has ended with the United Arab Emirates.

‘Be in fear of her life’

Hack last year’s summer in the High Court, during a significant stage in the concentration of Shaykh Mohammad and Princess Life’s divorce case.

The Guardian prescribed for her children said that it affects mother and her prosperity. If the mother has been subject to this type of monitoring that she believes she understands “.

The legal team of Princess Hayat told the court that “mother is living in fear of her life, and since April [2019] in fear of child security.

The court also heard that Sheikh Mohammad has tried to buy a property in the Sarri, Parkkold State, in Casulud near his former wife’s house, if someone is chosen to use it, It is in critical position for direct or electronic monitoring “.

His legal team said “There is a powerful purpose case because mother should be really afraid in fear if Dad has access to her custom property.”

Referring to the purchase of the proposed property, Princess Hayat told the court: “It seems that if I’m being chased, you should not literally go anywhere, or those who work in their interests. Individuals. It is very oppressed. ”

The daughters returned to force ‘

Sheikh Muhammad, the owner of the United Kingdom and the owner of an billionaire research owner, was found by the High Court on March 2020 and threatened Princess Hayat.

The court also found the allegations that they abducted and took Dubai two daughters, Sheikh Latifa and Sheikh Shamsa.

He believed that he tried to avoid his family by boat in 2018, but the armed men had removed from the coast of India, exceeding it and returned to Dubai.

The United Nations later demanded the evidence to see that he was alive and well.

Since the photos have been published on social media, as well as female friends in Friendship Mall, and faced holidays in Madrid and Iceland.

Human rights guests remain suspicious that they are still not in freedom or are unable to talk freely.

A law firm said it is working by it by the media to leave it alone.

During recent seriousness in the High Court, the legal team of Princess Hayat said that the previous abduction was made by hacking, which “activated the identity of the princess Latif’s position and then it was returned to Dubai”.

Hacked during ‘important events’

A daughter of Jordan’s late King Hussein and Shah Abdullah II, a daughter-in-law Princess, in 2019, her husband ordered the kidnap of Husband and Sheikh Shamsa in 2019.

Then they live in fear of life after threatening messages from its former husband agents.

Now its legal team by him by his legal team, his lawyers, Barnes Shockton and Nick’s fans, as well as his personal assistant and his security staff by them by them in the phone hacking them. By them by them by them, they are being accused of phone phones from them.

Hacking was taken into action in July and 2020 “at a time of important events” when the court occupied the welfare of children.

The judgment concluded that “Hacking game charges before the court made a lot when he made a lot more against Dad.”

‘Awesome life or death game’

During the long-term concentration case in the High Court, Sheikh Mohammad has tried on many occasions through appeal to keep details of allegations against the people of the people. But in 2020 and now, in October 2021, he has been made to the public, altog he said more. The recent order allows these decisions to publish.

The rule of Buddha is, despite their denial, an independent ruler has interfered during the British justice. House of Laurors Hacking, in the house of House of Lords, Shaykh Mohammad’s international reputation is embarrassing, embarrassing and harmful.

After completing the hacking charges made by Princess Hayat, its barrester Nicolas Cuswort QC told the court: “It is now clear, basically, this mother is a terrible game, in a terrible life or darkness Grandma’s footpaths are engaged in the game. While item answers to property purchases, hackers show that they work to interfere with their stability communication. ”

As embarrassment it is Sheikh Muhammad, facing any police question.

As the independent ruler of Dubai, he remains a great person in an equality world, he owns a wide range of features in the UK and the queen has been photographed in such meetings with queen. Dubai’s rich is about 100,000 British residents and he and the United Arab Emirates government are considered to be close allies of the UK.

This story is not likely to get more coverage in the media monitored media in the United Arab Emirates, and here the UAE embassy of the United Arab Emirates refused to comment on the matter that it is a private family.

Sheikh himself is selfish suffering from any future prosecution.

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