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spyfu keyword research tool

The best part about knowing your competitor’s SEO keywords is to use that information to gain traction in your own rankings. In this new replace to SpyFu’s search engine optimization Keyword Results, we song two times as many search engine optimization effects as earlier than and offer you with action-geared up insights to in the end get greater clicks.And that’s just the beginning, as we add more keyword results in the coming months.

An Seo Why search for a website’s keywords?

Your competitor’s SEO keywords are an indication of what content they are prioritizing and what has slipped. With this SEO tool you can see their rankings and gain insights to build your own.

spyfu keyword research tool

When you look for a competitor’s domain, SpyFu’s new search engine optimization key-word function enables you get ready-to-act recommendation to get scores and enhance your standing.
Your satisfactory efforts will are available in exceptional ways.We’ll show you how results are organized, what you can customize, and how you can get the most out of this tool.

This is what you can see and what you can do with it.

  • What can I learn about my competitor?
  • What I can learn about my own rankings (this is also for your customers.)

An Seo Spyfu Expanded Keywords

By May 2021, SpyFu is moving forward with expanded keyword data. It is colliding in two ways:

Keyword breadth (millions more keywords searched)

The effects you see in your keyword research will include greater accuracy, diversity of keywords from more than one domain, and more domains being identified as competitors. Also, with double results, you’ll see the first changes because we can detect rankings before it takes time to move on to the first few pages.

An Seo SpyFu Twice as Many Results

This feature is the first to include SpyFu’s expanded keyword results. We’re collecting twice as many results as before, and this allows us to see examples of deeper rankings from the domain. Whenever we collect data from a keyword search, we get results up to page 10 of the SERP.

  • Old system: SpyFu collected top 50 organic results from SERP.
  • New system: SpyFu collects top 100 organic results from the SERP.
google seo search pages

It enhances our results in two ways. When you search for a keyword, you see double domains that rank for it. When you search for domains, you can expect to see site rankings for more keywords.

This will include searches where the new content lands on site # 63 when it is first published. We didn’t show it as part of the site’s SEO keywords before, but now it’s a helpful “early warning” hint.

For your own site, this lower ranking can help you see where you are getting traction with new content that has just started ranking. Use it as your base line and start working to increase the links to this page – both internal and external.

For your competitor’s site, this lower ranking helps you find emerging threats. If you do not already rank here, this may be a priority.

Of course, with more data, more management is needed. We’ve redesigned the domain’s SEO Keywords page so you can process your keywords with confidence. Our on-page filters help you figure out which one to cut.

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Each filter plays a role in the parts we are going to cover.

Spy fu Filters and Topics (Grouping)

SpyFu’s ease of use is largely due to its ability to target keywords that are tailored to your needs. That’s where our filters and automation topics come in. You can clear out out for functionality (exclude unique URLs from results), and you may clear out out primarily based totally at the next-technology metrics we have got delivered to the SpyFu platform.

In this section we review the ways you can use filters to your advantage. If you are familiar with them and would like to proceed, go to the “My Keywords / My Competitor’s Keywords” section.

Seo Keywords (include/exclude)

Your ability to limit your list keeps control in your hands. It lets you focus only on keywords that match a particular sentence. Because you may exclude them, you may forget about phrases that your competition rank out of doors of your area یا or possibly their branded phrases which you do not need to pursue yet.

One example is “close to me” when you compare yourself to big retail jobs.

Seo URLs (include/exclude)

We like this feature for removing pages from results. As you research a competitor over time, you may see the same Powerhouse page ranking for more than one keyword. Once it’s on your radar and you want to leave it, you can turn to the URL exclusion filter.

Another good practice is to use the added feature to focus on one area at a time.

Your competitor’s blog (and all its ranking pages) is a great example. You can only remove keywords from these pages and leave out irrelevant sections.

keyword SEO search Volume

Bringing in search volume helps you measure the breadth of this keyword when you compare it to others. A low ranking on a low volume Power Word can take more clicks اور and certainly more impressions کم than you get from a top ranking on low search terms.

The numbers reflect searches in the United States on (or if you are looking at UK data, in the UK on

Seo Keyword Difficulty

We calculated how difficult it would be to categorize this keyword. Filtering by difficulty rating will help you limit your choice to keywords. You can then further sort them based on other metrics.

SEo Rank

We see how the position of the domain increased or decreased compared to the previous month. That “new” icon in the change column will help you see the movement in your competitor’s content or in your own rankings.

You can also sort the list of keywords by domain ranks so that only page 1 results can be focused on.

Schema :

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