12 Photo Stories That Will Challenge Your View Of The World

This week, we are following the constant flight of Afghans from our country. We spoke with some Afghan interpreters, support staff and informal allies who are worried about visas after the Taliban regains power. during this, Kiana Harry The young Afghan was photographed when he asked New York Times magazine what would happen to the country’s post-9/11 generation. in America , Annie Grassinger. He has spent years photographing New York State prison releases and reintegration has challenged them in his series. Ongoing sentence..

In the UK, we look back over 50 years at the Notting Hill Carnival, and the UK’s oldest holidaymakers on the English Riviera. David Herz.. In Somaliland, Nicole Sobiki Photographed leopard cubs in the wild and documented their illegal removal from their homes. And for Fast Company, researchers asked people in two Colombian towns to draw examples of justice and coexistence, with bright results. We see the winners. Picture of women. Grants, including. Eli Farringo. And Daniel Villasana.. Gina Maroon The Russian is re-imagining beauty, and Pablo Pedra, a longtime military photographer, now takes amazing pictures of insects. Logan White Photo series Recitation Bringing us back to the ballet class and the photographer based in New England. Philip Keith Pictures of how Martha’s grape became a black refuge at this time of year made us anxious to jump into the sea and enjoy the last weeks of summer.

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